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Planet Earth: Deep Meditations on Consciousness


Bhajan’s Yoga: The Roots and Context of KYATBYB

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Planet Earth: Deep Meditations on Consciousness


Bhajan’s Yoga: The Roots and Context of KYATBYB


The Golden Chain Within You: Legacy & Lineage of Kundalini Yoga

What does it mean to become a part of the lineage of the golden chain? Embrace your past, present and project into the future as a teacher that leaves a mark of the legacy of teachings.

Becoming a Yogi: The connection between addiction, vitality & relaxation

Tommy Rosen, with over 20 years of experience in addiction recovery and yoga, presents what works and what doesn't in a recovery process.

The Yoga of Intersectionality

Intersectionality is where multiple external systems of discrimination and internalized oppression intersect, interact and force multiply.What we call social justice and civil rights struggle, has a millennia long history and praxis, rooted in cultures of tradition. If we explore the civil rights/social justice movement through our understanding of yoga; the inner warrior for social change emerges.

Power of the Navel

The path forward can often become unclear and it's easy to feel lost. By centering and activating the navel point, recognize your inner strength and build clarity to walk your path confidently.

Level 1 – Costa Rica Hybrid

This is the Level One Hybrid online course hub.

Embodying the 12 Steps: Kundalini Yoga & Meditation for Freedom from Addiction

We are all on a healing journey and so often ISSUES & CHALLENGES arise for us to work through.
 By combining the power of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation with the wisdom of the 12 Steps of Recovery we can fully embody these meditative and practical tools. We can then heal and continue our evolution towards personal freedom.

The Experience of Awareness©®: Joy, Energy and Healing

This course has two specific meditation experiences. They each shift your energy and connect you to your powerful capacity for joy, love, energy, and healing. Each one does it differently; they combine different steps as music combines cords into melody and composition.

Superhealth: Kundalini Yoga & Meditation for Addiction Recovery

Learn to apply yogic science to a variety of addictive substances and behaviors. This highly-effective and specific approach has been serving since 1973, developed by Yogi Bhajan to help integrate the body, mind and spirit from recovery to self-discovery.

Dying as You Live: Karma, Dharma and Reincarnation

In this human experience, we can’t be free unless we face these questions and live our lives in awareness of the ultimate transformational force of death.

Alive Leadership: How Neural Markers, Emotions & Relationships affect Decision Making

This course will empower you to understand the brain functions and how circular leadership models can transform the orientation of the workspace! Learn how the complex system of the brain-body responds to different environments and how you can potentialize it.

The Business of Yoga

Are you ready to learn how the spiritual teachings and your practice can help you be more successful in your business? Join Faith Hunter MBA, yoga teacher and successful business owner, for a renewing, innovative approach to yoga as a business and tap into your power; projecting your passion for wellness.

Feminine Dimensions in Meditation

Can we explore meditation from the yin counterpoint of deep inner stillness? Ardas Kaur brings healing coolness to the art of meditation. It’s time for an embodied meditative experience, the magic of the feminine. This class will invoke a deeply lunar and meditative experience.

The 10 Light Bodies of Consciousness: Numerology with Nirvair

Reach your potential by engaging your Ten Light Bodies of Consciousness, the Kundalini Yoga System of Numerology. Discover and learn about yourself through The Ten Light Bodies of Consciousness, the Kundalini Yoga system of numerology! This system is simple, easy and fun.

Anatomía del Naad Yoga

La ciencia del Naad Yoga tiene un efecto tan profundo en nosotros, y sin embargo sabemos muy poco sobre la tecnología que hay detrás de la experiencia. En este taller exploraremos la resonancia de los sonidos dentro del cuerpo, trayendo conciencia al Naad (corriente de sonido), potenciando así nuestra práctica de voz y mantra.

Celestial Communication for the Heart

Are you ready for heart centered life fulfilling TRANSFORMATION? Celestial communication is the “danciest” kind of meditation. In the space of the creation of new movement, the body relaxes and eases. Awaken the flow of your heart’s song with fluid & feminine meditations and tap into your infinite LOVE.

Anatomy of Naad Yoga

The science of Naad Yoga has such a profound effect on us, and yet we know very little about the technology behind the experience. In this workshop we will explore the resonance of sounds within the body, bringing awareness to the Naad (sound current), thus empowering our voice and mantra practice.

Yoga for Adults with Intellectual / Developmental Disabilities

Learn and develop the skills needed for institutionalized healthcare settings. Yoga for Adults with Intellectual / Developmental Disabilities enhances choice for people in institutionalized settings and allows for greater autonomy support.

Womb Medicine and Kundalini Yoga

We are all connected to the womb whether we have one, let go of one or do not have one. Each of us entered into this world through a womb and we have the opportunity to heal deeper and access healing lineages of trauma to the collective womb.

Healing the Healer: On the Mat – Leveling Up

Life can be a source of giving - but if we do not remain centered and supported - we may find ourselves feeling drained. As healers, or those on the path of offering light, it is essential that we continue to accept the healing flow of the universe. In this class we will open the flow of our meridians - to enhance our physical vessel - through kriya and soulful meditations.

The History of Kundalini Yoga

In this top-selling course, we will dip our toes into the river of history, and get a glimpse of where “yoga” began, how it changed and developed over time, and how it got to where we are today.

The Rescue of the Father: Fall and Rise of the Masculine as a Spiritual Quest

The fall of the father is a universal myth story that we all know deep within our hearts and lived experiences. Pondering the archetypal stories of Hamlet, Pinocchio, ancient Egyptian mythology or the Lion King we breathe deeply into the loss of a shattered idol and the potential for growth as we move into authentic autonomy. Our hero self strives to either redeem or rescue the father and what he represents.
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